On Thursday evening 21 March, at the Kulungwana Art gallery, the 10th Edition of the Colecção Crescente exhibition was launched. The annual initiative, run by the Kulungwana Association, creates a platform for over 80 local Mozambican artists to showcase their work.
The Colecção Cresente (CC) was started in 2010 and in the first year the initiative was known as the Creative Block which was organised in co-operation with the Eksteen Gallery in South Africa.
Hollard as a group, have been instrumental in the Creative Block in South Africa. It is now particularly significant that Hollard Mozambique, a subsidiary of the Hollard Group, are one of the main sponsors of the Collecao Collectivo in Mozambique. Hollard has acknowledged, that in the spirit of their purpose of “enabling better futures”, like the Creative Block, the CC functions as a gateway between creative realms – that of the artist and collector.

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Photos supplied by Kulungwana | Photographer: João Costa – Funcho
At the launch of a somewhat subdued, 10th edition, due to the recent devastation, Henri Mittermayer, CEO of Hollard Mozambique, started by extending his sincere condolences to all the people in Beira and surrounding areas. “Obviously as an insurance company we are involved in monitoring and assessing the damage as it unfolds, and the extent of the damage and loss as we learn more is simply shocking while the severity of the devastation grows by the hour”.

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Mittermayer, CEO of Hollard Mozambique
Mittermayer suggested that the 10th edition of the CC should be positioned in solidarity to the victims of Cyclone Idai. So, in light of the natural disaster that struck the centre of the country, the event was turned into an initiative to support the people of Beira, when Henri Mittermayer announced that Hollard Seguros, in solidarity with the people of Beira, will match and donate the selling price for each art piece sold from the Colecção Crescente Initiative.

Solidarity with the people of Mozambique in these challenging times has become a top priority. This priority has extended to the business sector of Mozambique.

Besides the management of the various claims that are being intimated in the region, Hollard Seguros, has already reached out by donating an undisclosed amount to the Mozambique Red Cross society mentioned in a recent press release.
Henny Matos, Executive Director of the Kulungwana foundation has extended an invitation to everyone to visit the gallery and acquire one or more works, thus supporting, both the artists and those in need of assistance after the devastation of the disaster.

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Photos supplied by Kulungwana | Photographer: João Costa – Funcho
The additional funds raised by the artwork sold from Colecção Crescente will be donated directly to Mozambique Red Cross, who have teams on the ground dispatching much needed necessities to the survivors in Beira.
Hollard Seguros further mentioned that if any of their existing customers’ need assistance with claims, they can call Hollard directly: +258 21 357 700 or visit their offices located at Bulha Shopping Center.
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