After receiving several complaints from concerned clients, Hollard Seguros has completed an investigation around the incidents that involved clients, not having access to the necessary assistance they required, which was offered by a third-party contractor for the services of Roadside and Legal Assist.

Hollard’s intent in associating with the third-party contractor for Roadside and Legal Assist service was to offer an additional service to foreigners driving in Mozambique, with access to a 24-hour emergency contact number for a vehicle breakdown, have an accident, require legal assistance or advice.

Due to circumstances around the service providers’ infrastructure issues that could not be resolved immediately and the complexities of traveling within Mozambique, Hollard Seguros has decided reputationally, it is no longer able to maintain its association with the third-party service provider.

Hollard has therefore decided to terminate the Roadside and Legal Assist service offering, until further notice. Hollard strives to, at all times, deliver on what is promised and when we no longer have the confidence of that delivery from associated partners, we would rather disassociate from any promise or service level that cannot be upheld.

Hollard Seguros would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that was caused to all clients affected by these circumstances,

The assistance product will not be available online from 31st January 2020. At this point, Hollard will regrettably not be able to provide an alternative service for their clients, until such time that a new service provider has been sourced.

Hollard Seguros clients who purchased Roadside and Legal Assist prior to the cancellation date, should not be concerned as the support line will still be active until Saturday, 29 February 2020.

Friendly regards,
Hollard Seguros Claims and Operations Manager, Wynand Pienaar

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