Right after the measures regarding the pandemic were presented on the latest decree, announced recently by Mozambique’s President, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, Appload, a new online logistic service, and Hollard Insurance Company, announce their partnership to create efficiencies in the agricultural sector.

Mozambique presents a huge farming potential, due to the vast agricultural land available in the country. However, because of its atypical profile, as vast as three thousand kilometers, the logistic still represents a significant challenge to the growth of this sector. Although there has been a noticeable development of the transport’s infrastructures throughout the last decade, the country still presents an impasse caused by the gap of information between clients and logistic operators.

In face of the deterioration of this situation due to the COVID-19 context, Appload and Hollard Insurances designed a joint strategy to promote agriculture in the country, aligning with various public and private programs to strengthen the commercialization of the agricultural product all over the national territory.

This strategy follows the launch of a promotional transport insurance offer for agricultural merchandise, referring to the basic and simple insurance for the covering of losses caused by fire or merchandise damages resulting from road accidents.

According to Claire Hassoun, founder, and CEO of Appload, ensuring cargo at no charge represents an important benefit to any agricultural producer. Israel Muchena, Agricultural Insurance Department’s General Manager at Hollard Insurances, emphasizes Appload’s importance to the potential applicant in triggering the connections between agricultural clients that are looking for the transport of merchandise and logistics operators, at competitive prices.

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