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Ensuring Better Futures in Mozambique Year Upon Year

Hollard are proud sponsors for the second year of the most extensive employee survey of its kind in Mozambique. We are fully committed to Mozambique, and as Platinum Sponsors of the 2022 Tempus Benefits and Human Capital National Survey, we are committed to providing the knowledge needed for employees and companies to reach their full potential, so that Mozambique can too.

Why take part?

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Building upon a solid foundation

This survey will build upon a vast base of knowledge in an ever-evolving and very competitive landscape.

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Employee Retention Through Understanding

This knowledge will continue to ensure that you are empowered to attract and keep the best talent, within Mozambique.

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Refined Solutions

The updated insights from this survey will allow Hollard to refine our solutions for employers and employees alike.

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Solutions Beyond Health

This will enable you to understand and support your employees beyond their physical health, enhancing their overall well-being too.

We believe in Mozambique, and we believe that creating a better future for the country lies in creating a better future for her people.

We look forward to the results of the survey.

Click the link below to complete the survey:
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